Released Albums

Below are our two latest Albums. Feel free to check out the SoundCloud and listen to a sample of each CD

Foolin with the Feds

MTM Music

We are proud to release the latest album ‘FOOLIN WITH THE FEDS’  A limited edition, recorded and mixed by Les Williams at Nivram Studios and Centrestage Recording Studios, Perth Western Australia. Mastered by Leon Zervos, Studios 301.

Foolin with the feds

Django’s Castle

MTM Music

An MTM production Djangos Castle was released in 2011, beautifully recorded and still available. All tracks arranged and produced by Hank Marvin, Nunzio Mondia, and Gary Taylor.

Recorded and mixed by Les Williams, Nivram Studios, Perth western Australia.

Mastered by Leon Zervos, Studios 301 Sydney, Australia.

Djangos Castle

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“I bought the latest album, ‘Foolin with the Feds.’ The performance is superb and the recording quality is one of the best I have heard in years”