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The Maidment Theatre in Auckland went from zero to completely sold out in just over three weeks showing that Hank Marvin is still in very hot demand around the world. Many people who missed out on the last New Zealand tour in 2013 stepped quickly up to the plate and secured their tickets early. Many people who saw him last time also booked again and in addition also booked a second ticket for Tauranga. At the time of writing this there were at least seven people flying up from Christchurch to Auckland to see this amazing band at the Maidment theatre.

There are also people from the far North of Keri Keri and Dargaville as well as others from Levin and Napier making the trip. The Maidment is ideal for a concert of this type, acoustics are second to none and a packed house for the final New Zealand concert is strong statement from the people of New Zealand to Hank and his Gypsy Jazz quartet. It is obvious that many people who seriously misunderstood what Gypsy Jazz was all about have since done the research and discovered just how popular the Django Reinhart legacy really is. We have heard many opinions from people who clearly had no idea just how popular this great music really is. Some mistakenly thought it was a band of gypsies touring the planet however once educated found a refreshing and superb quality of music. The ability of Nunzio Mondia on the accordion combined with Hank Marvin and Gary Taylor on guitar took their first CD recording “Django’s Castle” to top of the Jazz charts in the USA in January of 2015. Currently the group are working on their second CD which will be released sometime in early 2016. For tose people in Auckland who would still like to see and hear this group may still purchase tickets for the Tauranga venue for Wednesday November 18th.

Sorry Sold Out

“Filling this theater was no easy feat, advertising in Auckland was virtually prohibitive. However despite that and a lot of swift talking to the right people the venue was sold out one month before the event.”

Steve Hilliar . Promoter
Steve Hilliar

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