Why acoustic Guitar?

Music is powerful, it is a universal language that crosses all type of barriers. Every culture celebrates life with music. One of the best ways to express yourself is to make your own music. There is something so empowering about picking up a guitar and getting off a few chords whether alone or with band mates. Purchasing your first guitar can change your life! Learning to play the guitar will free you to truly express yourself. Many people think that the true power of the guitar lies with the electric guitar, but the reality is, the acoustic guitar is where the real power lies.

The Power of Playing the Guitar

If you are looking for an instrument to learn, the guitar is a great choice. There are social reasons, emotional reasons and physical reasons that this is a great instrument to learn:

Social Benefits

You can meet new people through music

It will help you to build social confidence

Emotional Benefits

It helps to reduce stress

It is a catalyst for your feelings

Physical Benefits

It helps with concentration

It improves eye/hand coordination

Learning to play the guitar will open up a whole new world for you. It will help you to get out and meet people, focus on your energy in a positive manner and even help you to improve your hand/eye coordination. It helps to shut out the world and open a world that is uniquely yours. Making music empowers you, it is something that not everyone else can do. It could lead to a career in music. Many musicians got their start on a guitar.

One of the best things about the guitar or any instrument for that matter, is that anyone, of any age can learn how to play. You do not need to know how to read music, but you will learn, you do not have to have any natural talent, all you need is a love of music and the desire to put the work in to learn how to play.

As your skill set grows, and it will with regular practice sessions, your confidence will grow. Even if you are an introvert, you will be able to communicate with your music. There is nothing more appealing than a brooding musician strumming out some music. People will want to get to know you.

Learning how to play an instrument will encourage you to set goals for yourself. You will be able to continuously challenge yourself to get better and better. Even if you cannot read a note today, you will become more affluent in the language of music as time goes by. Every musician at one point did not know how to play an instrument.

Don’t Overlook the Power of the Acoustic Guitar

The power of the acoustic guitar is measurable. This powerful instrument can run the gamut when it comes to musical genres. From rock and roll to classical pieces to the Flamenco to jazz to the blues and more the acoustic guitar can affect the perfect sound. It is the perfect instrument to express yourself. Consider the following attributes of the acoustic guitar:

It is portable- the acoustic guitar is easier to transport than an electric guitar. You do not have to worry about dragging an amp along with you. You can sling your guitar on your back and be ready to go!

It has a rich beautiful sound that is hard to duplicate with an electric guitar. The more your practice the more you will be able to make your guitar speak. While an electric guitar is great for rock and roll and more, it does not touch the soul the way an acoustic can.

It is less distracting. When you are playing an electric guitar there is potentially a lot of distractions. You do not have to deal with amp issues, cables, pedals and more when you choose an acoustic guitar. You get to focus completely on making music instead of worrying about equipment. Learning on an acoustic guitar takes less of your energy and focus away from the music.

It is cost savings. The fact is a good acoustic guitar for a beginner is far cheaper than an entry level electric guitar. You do not have to spend money on amps and accessories. You do not have to worry about the equipment failing and having to be replaced. Of course, every musician goes through the “upgrade bug” but it is especially true when it comes to electric instruments. With an acoustic guitar, you do not have to worry about buying a bigger and better amp and other equipment. You are ready to play for less as soon as your instrument arrives.

Choosing an acoustic guitar may be the best choice you have ever made. Whether you are searching for an instrument for yourself or you are making the purchase for a loved one that you want to turn on to music, you cannot make a better choice than an acoustic guitar.

It is The Place to Start

Learning to play the guitar is simplified with an acoustic model. Tuning, learning, listening all comes easier with this powerful instrument. Learning is simplified. It is just you and your instrument. Overloading yourself with learning the technicalities of an electric guitar is time consuming. Of course, once you learn on the acoustic making the transition to the electric models is easy.

Acoustic guitars come in a range of price points and styles. They can be a very affordable jumping off point for your music journey. An acoustic guitar can easily fit into your budget, they are easy to care for, they provide a range of amazing sounds and they make playing easier. What else can you ask for in an instrument? What are you waiting for? Buy an acoustic guitar today and get on the road to becoming the musician that you were always meant to be.

A Final Word

Do not misconstrue this information to be “against” the electric guitar because we are big fans of the electric guitar. We just want to convey for the beginner it is hard to beat the benefits of an acoustic guitar!

Tips for acoustic guitar.

“ It is amazing what can be achieved when you try.”

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